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GypsyBeat LLC specializes in crafting quirky creations with glass, crystal, and other mediums. A large portion of our work involves repurposing bottles and other glass containers into bottle art / decorative items, much of which is done using recycled glass or actual used bottles saved from going to a landfill.

Note: Our bottle art creations are not made by or affiliated with the original bottle or label makers / producers.


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Crystal Prism Gem Light Show Bottle:   Our Crystal Prism Gem Light Show Bottles are lighted bottle lamps featuring assorted colors of electric LED lights with a control box allowing you to choose from 8 different light patterns. Most are adorned with a leaded crystal prism ball to create a spectacular lighting effect.

Incense Burner Bottles:  We also make unique incense burner bottles, featuring citronella incense sticks for insect repellent outdoors and assorted fragrances for enjoyment indoors.

The burner bottles include a drilled air hole on the back to create an air flow so the insense stick will stay lit. The top is adorned with a decorative clip to let the incense stick dangle upside down in the bottle. Simply light the end of the incense stick, attach it to the clip, and drop it down into the bottle. Soon you will have a mesmerizing swirl of smoke coming out of the bottle top. And... No more messy ashes everywhere. They simply collect in the bottom of the bottle as the hanging incense stick burns.

Assorted Sundries:  Other items we create or carry include solar powered patio lamps, crystal and glass art, rainbow prism suncatchers, antique bottles, bottle wind chimes / bird feeders, drinking glasses, hand poured soy candles, and other fun & quirky creations.



Custom orders and bulk discounts available.

Thank you for your interest in our stuff. We look forward to hearing from you. Take care.